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Lightning Surge Protection?

Lightning surge protection, lightning strike, surge arrestor, surge protection, lightning protection system, power surge protection are uncommon topics to Malaysians despite the fact that  Malaysia is the country with the third highest number of lightning strikes in the world. Lightning is considered the worst natural killer, causing at least 25,000 deaths worldwide and financial losses at approximately 5 billion dollars each year.

The World Lightning Map below shows that more lightning occurs near the equator than near the poles. Malaysia, just sitting right at the hot spot of active lightning zone.

Lightning Surge Malaysia

Measured Lightning Activity Worldwide

Thunderstorm Days Per Year Worldwide

Bogor, Indonesia


Cerromatoso, Columbia






Florida, U.S.


Colorado, U.S.








Most of Europe







What is lightning surge?

When electric charges are built up in thunderclouds to such level that could break atmospheric insulation, an electric discharge eventually occurs between these clouds or between the clouds and the ground. Electric current reaches 20-150 kA. According to an experiment done in Klang Valley. The average surge current magnitude of lightning strike is approximately 35kA.

An abnormally high voltage generated by direct lightning discharge applied to electric power cables or communication cables at that instance is called ʻdirect lightning surgeʼ. Correspondingly, such voltage induced by electrostatic or electromagnetic induction on those cables located close to the point where a direct lightning hits, is called ʻinduced lightning surgeʼ. Also, when lightning strikes a lightning rod and the ground potential rises, instrumentsʼ grounding potential becomes also high. This causes an abnormally great potential difference between the cables and the ground, which is called ʻlightning surge caused by increased ground potentialʼ.


Entry pathway of lightning surge

Lightning surge protection systemDue to the online application of modern electronic systems, there are multiple interfacing parts to the outside for an instrument. One of such interface parts is signal pathway and the other one is power pathway.

These cables pulled from the outside can be perfect entry pathways for the lightning surge.

The effects of induced surge on a connected device will be more severe when the connected cable is longer and the device is located closer to the place where the actual lightning strikes. Even lightning rods with minimal cable length do not always protect as they are hoped. Surge protector, or lightning arrestor installed in those  paths absorb and eliminate the high voltage impulse energy and protect the electric instrument from damage.


What damage is caused?

Lightning surge protectionLightning surge interrupts or affects the continuous flow of normal power can cause a transient overvoltage to be induced onto the mains supply to your electrical equipment which can lead to serious damage to any equipments connected to surge pathways. Just look at your home appliances such as computer, LCD TV, hi-fi system, air conditioner, alarm system, CATV decoder, autodamaged autogate control panel and basically everything connected along the surged line.                    



 Fried iphoneLightning surge protectionFried TV

Above from left: A fried mobile phone (lightning surge occured while charging); Burnt laptop connected to power socket; Damaged LCD TV connected to external antenna. 


Common Misconception

"I will do it when I need it". It is always too late when you need it. Simple example: Automotive airbag - it has to be there or else it is too late.

"Expensive". Yes, it is expensive by other providers but not us. We offer basic protection pacakage starting from RM400 inclusive installation. Lowest price guaranteed.

"I'm not at home all the time". "I can't stop my equipment for such installation". We heard you. Weekend installation can be arranged. As for business owners, we will minimize the downtime and interuption to your business. 

"I have power socket with surge protection function". How many power sockets you want to protect? How about the devices that do not have a power plug such as autogate panel, CCTV console, alarm control panel, air conditioner, light points, cable TV, satellite dish, TV aerial? 

"My building has the lightning rod installed. I do not need indoor surge protection anymore". Lightning rods cannot stop electrical surges from coming into a house through utility lines, which is the most common way that lightning damages homes. Therefore, an effective surge protection system is a necessity in every home, if it is to be safeguarded against these kinds of potential disruptions.


Why choose us?

  1. Out of many hundreds of lightning surge protection providers in the market, we are the only one that make the price friendly to residential houses. We do not believe in rocket science solutions. We fully understand your need for an affordable, high quality, and reliable solution. 
  2. Starting from as low as RM400 for whole house protection. Including installation.   
  3. Installation done by Professionally Trained Engineers. 
  4. Service team covering whole Malaysia. 
  5. International trusted brands.  
  6. Installation on weekend or public Holiday can be arranged. 
  7. Special installation schedule can be arranged to avoid and minimize interuption to your production and operation.  
  8. Peace of mind. 
  9. 5 years1-to-1 swap warranty, against manufacturing and installation defect.    
  10. 30 days100% money back guarantee    

Lightning surge protectionBest price guarantee


The Trusted Brands

We have wide selection of international wellknown brands, all specialising in lightning surge protection devices. As a specialist in comprehensive lightning protection, we carry only world leading products that have proven reliability. Most have become a hallmark of distinction in quality and performance as a result of superior design and robust construction, making them a standard requirement for critical installations. We represent some of the world leading brand in lightning surge protection business such as DEHN, Schneider Electric, Weidumuller, Hager, Thor, Novaris, Cooper Bussmann, Belkin, Marsa etc. All the best known brands in this field. All our products comes with the assurance of high quality components and superior reliability. Our range of products are IS0 9001/14001 Certified and Approved by International Testing Bodies, such as OVE, CB, UL, BASEEFA, IEC as well as Sirim Malaysia.


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"This protection really gives me peace of mind. The price is surprisingly affordable too." ~John Tan, Setia Alam, Shah Alam.

"Value for money. Good job done by your engineer. Professional advice and service. Thumbs up!" ~Steven, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

"Keep up the good work. This is one of the best investments I've put in my house. I would get you guys to install it at my new house." ~ KC Goh, Cheng Industrial Park, Melaka.

"It is so affordable and effective. I don't have to unplug my home appliances when I'm away. Lightning strike is not my concern anymore." ~ Pn. Asiah, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya. 



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