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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is a lightning surge protector necessary for my house? Yes, spikes and surges often propagate through power lines.The most likely place for a lightning strike is the power distribution cables. These spread in all directions, like a spider's web, acting similar to an antenna waiting to receive its signal.

I have the power strip (multi socket extension) with surge protector function. Why do I need this whole house lightning surge protection again? Some power strips, or more commonly known as multi socket extension in Malaysia market, have basic surge protection built in. These power strips are not as effective as Surge Protection Device (SPD) at distribution board (DB). Imagine the surge current has already passed through the DB and travelled all the way to point of use, which is just a foot away from your expensive appliances.

We do not have any problems with lightning, so why do we need surge protection? Some areas of the world experience less lightning than others. Low frequency of lightning in an area merely reduces the probability of a direct strike to the site, but does not diminish the amount of energy and damage caused when a strike does occur. The profusion of expensive, delicate and fragile electronics in all aspects of our lives, connected to AC power, communications and data circuits makes the use of surge protection devices imperative. Furthermore, Malaysia - the top 3 lightning lightning frequency in the world, shouldn't you do something about it?

How much does the system cost? The market price starting from RM1000 for most basic package and up to RM30,000 for residential house. However, we have customized the basic package to fit almost every single house in Malaysia starting from RM400.

Full protection is too expensive so why should I bother? Obviously economics plays a key role in any system installation. The cost of system replacement, maintenance technician time, loss of customer satisfaction in a competitive environment and "critical systems downtime" is far more expensive than proper protection. We have product lines with many options and features that would suit your budget.

During a recent lightning storm, the power was turned off but some instruments were still damaged. Can you explain this? By turning off the socket, you are just disconnecting life (L) but not earth (E) or neutral (N) line. Severe lightning will jump across the socket into the connected instruments and it does not insure that a severe lightning surge will not damage it depending on the insulation resistance of the switch or the size of the lightning pulse. The only sure solution is to install a lightning surge protector in line with the power source.

My ADSL modem was connected to a lightning surge protector, but it was still damaged by a lightning strike. Can you tell me why? Firstly, if the surge is beyond the protection rating, nothing can protect against severe lightning. That's why we use the highest possible surge protection rating in our surge protection devices. Secondly, the selected lightning surge protector could have been incorrect for that specific application. The maximum surge voltage of a lightning surge protector to be used should be below the withstand voltage of the instrument to be protected. This voltage level could be passed through the protector to the instrument during a lightning surge. Be sure to confirm this specification before selecting the protector. Damage to protected equipment may occur because of this variable.

How you make it cheaper than others? Any catch in quality? We came from lightning strike protection companies. Their objectives is to maximize profit especially in high rise building, shopping mall, and other mega structures. Servicing residential houses is not their main interest. We are making a difference here, with the same professionalism, same products, same quality, but we make it at an affordable price for residential houses or small buildings.

I think it's not worth it? Properly placed and selected electrical protection equipment requires a one-time known expense, whereas lightning can be reoccurring, is totally unpredictable, and often results in repair and replacement costs which are three times the one-time cost for the electrical protection. Such damage can play havoc in economically difficult times.

How long would the installation take? Within 3 hours for Basic, Standard, Premium package. As for other customized specifications, the installation time varies from 3 hours to 8 hours.

My production time is precious. I can't turn off the power and production machineries to install the surge protection device. Yes. We heard you. Weekend or odd hours installation can be arranged.

There is nobody at home during weekdays. Can you install on weekends? Yes. Weekends installation can be arranged.

Can I get more discount? As you might have surveyed, our price is the most affordable in town. However, you deserve better from us. Attractive rewards in terms of referral fees will be given to our happy customers who introduced their friends and neighbour to us and purchased our lightning surge protection solution.



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"This protection really gives me peace of mind. The price is surprisingly affordable too." ~John Tan, Setia Alam, Shah Alam.

"Value for money. Good job done by your engineer. Professional advice and service. Thumbs up!" ~Steven, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

"Keep up the good work. This is one of the best investments I've put in my house. I would get you guys to install it at my new house." ~ KC Goh, Cheng Industrial Park, Melaka.

"It is so affordable and effective. I don't have to unplug my home appliances when I'm away. Lightning strike is not my concern anymore." ~ Pn. Asiah, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya. 



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